Railway networks

Argentina’s first railway was not built by a British concern, however; but the group of shareholders and engineers . included Britons. Daniel Gowland, a Briton, was vice-president of the Western Railway Company, formed in 1855 with a capital of £28,000 to build the railway, from the Parque station, where the Colon Opera House of Buenos Aires stands today, to Flores. The railway opened to the public in August 1857, after the society had borrowed another £24,000 from the government to complete work.

The company’s directors rode on horse alongside the track during the inaugural run, making a show of escorting the passengers, though in reality not sure of the safety of their own machine, which travelled at fifteen miles per hour.

Argentina’s two biggest railways were the British-built, owned and operated Central Argentine Railway Ltd and the Buenos Ayres Great Southern Railway Co. Ltd, with headquarters in London. They were started at the same time, but the Southern was made in sections, while the Central was planned as a great iron road to open almost four hundred miles of sparsely populated, rich land.
The Central Argentine was not such an English line in appearance. The concession went to a North American, William Wheelwright, in May 1863. One year later another North American, Allan Campbell, presented the plans for a line running from Rosario to Cordoba over nearly 300 miles. Thomas Armstrong, who had acquired vast landholdings in the territory that the Central was to cross, became one of the railway’s principal representatives. The line started with an authorized capital of £1.6 million and was completed in 1870. Extensions to the north followed as well as south to Buenos Aires, by absorption of smaller companies. The names of the Central’s shareholders are repeated in company after company as if between them they had much of the country to themselves.

Resultado de imagen para Map of the Argentinian railway in the XIX century This is a picture of the rainway of Argentina in that time, by the influence of britain.

Resultado de imagen para Western Railway Company 1800 Western Railway Company 1800.

Resultado de imagen para Western Railway Company 2017 Western Railway Company now a days.

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