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With our history teacher Lenny, we have been studying the cold war . Then she gave us the task to make a cartoon representing some of the most important things of the beginning of the cold war. We had different options to work with, and the one I chose was option 1: A Capitalist cartoon comparing Comecon and The Marshall Plan.


This is my source. On the one hand we can see Truman throwing money into his country and also some and also to the poorest countries of Europe, but the money is stoped by the Iron Curtain. In Europe is Stalin talking about the Comecon, with this he wanted to help the european people that were in a bad economic situation, because he was not in favour of the Marshall Plan. 

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  1. Lenny dijo:

    Good job, Sofi! Well explained in spite of some language inaccuracies. 🙂

    All the best,

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