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Datas Comemorativas Do Brasil

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Benjamín Zephaniah

In our Language class, our teacher Pilar Pando, asked us to look for information and made a poster about Benjamin Zephaniah. I was with Tinidad Torrendell and Francesca Costamagna. This is my poster

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History Source

With our history teacher Lenny, we have been studying the cold war . Then she gave us the task to make a cartoon representing some of the most important things of the beginning of the cold war. We had different … Sigue leyendo

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Arbol Genealogico

Nuestro profesor de Educacion Civica, Agustin Loye, nos propuso hacer un Arbol Genealogico. Este es el mio!

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Poem “A Storm”

In our Language class we had to write a poem describing a storm, it could be describing how terrible and scary stroms can be, or we could describe a storm that was beautiful, those you know after comes the sun. … Sigue leyendo

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In pursuit of happiness

LETTER: I’m so embarrassed to be writing to you something like this. But if it wasn’t urgent i wouldn’t be writing, i’m finding difficult to make ends meet. Two years ago i started working on a factory and I realised … Sigue leyendo

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